Venice is a jewellery label from Sydney, Australia, by designer Venice Rish. Having returned from London, where she completed her Masters of Design at Central Saint Martins, Venice has set up studio in Sydney’s Surry Hills.   


Designing under her own label for over 8 years, her practice encompasses collaborations with leading Australian designers, MACGRAW, Emma Mulholland, Desert Designs, Michael Lo Sordo, Karla Spetic for MBFWA, & custom design for Australian label Tigerlily. 


‘Ideas come from a curiosity, that starts out as a vacant stare, inanimate things start dancing.’ From this imaginative starting point, Venice combines precious metals and stones with her own dichroic glass, hand-made jewels she terms ‘space gems’, for their ability to reflect different wavelengths of light, resembling the cosmic froth of the Milkyway. 


Her ever expanding universe is one where bugs grow love tails, sects fly from silhouettes, clouds form raindrops, moons and stars collide, suns flow into rivers, arrows bend light, glass generates shifting patterns of cosmic beauty.


Venice is represented in stores across Australia and the US.

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