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tigerlilly . casa luna
A crescent moon sprouts palm tree fronds, for tigerlilly's casa luna campaign, set under the Mexican sun.

3D printing, space glass, 18kt yellow gold, silver.



macgraw . Royal Botanic
Hundreds of petals are curled for Macgraw, resort 2017 MBFWA, forming flowers that play the part of shoe jewels in pink, blue and white.

MBFWA 2016



emma mulholland
Alien headpieces adorn Emma Mulholland’s 60’s space babes in her MBFWA 2017 resort collection, combining transparent & opaque resin, arrays of glitter and dichroic glass cabochons. 

MBFWA 2016


desert designs . increase the acid
Extragalactic dichroic cabochons form Martian figures, inspired by the prints of Australian Indigenous artist Jimmy Pike.

MBFWA 2013



karla spetic . see through
Cast glass creations set in brushed sterling silver illustrate the elaborate and intertwining patterns present on Portuguese facade tiles.

RAFW 2011



michael lo sordo . ode to a bug
Bohemian peacock eyes sit alongside dichroic cast glass bugs, in a collection that draws attention to our partners in life, bugs. 
We both exist in the same evolutionary frame and thus we are able to admire their exquisite structures and colourings as if it were we who were running around with all those legs.

MBFWA 2012